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What PIREP Is: A website promoting a free exchange of information among state and regional pilot/airport associations.


Why PIREP Is Needed: The fight to keep an airport open and unencroached knows no borders. By providing a means of free information exchange and dissemination across the country, pilot associations everywhere may discover solutions to similar scenarios. Rather than re-inventing the wheel, PIREP allows pilot associations to move their respective wheels forward...


Why PIREP Is Unique: At present, there exists no non-proprietary common meeting area on the Internet for exchanging airport defending information and resources. PIREP allows and encourages this exchange to occur.


How PIREP Works


Logging onto www.pirep.org takes you to a Home Page offering links that include:


PRO-AVIATION GROUPS: A connection to state and regional pilot/airport associations across the country, grouped by states. Within each state are links to its respective Department of Transportation, state pilot association, and many regional and airport associations.


ANTI-AVIATION GROUPS: Links to a wide variety of associations formed to oppose aviation's operation and growth on many levels. The groups are both local and national in scope, and they represent one of the most significant threats to General Aviation's future.


LINKS: Multiple links to state legislature pages, allowing the user to search for keywords related to aviation and see if there are pending bills in the current legislative session. It also allows the user to track the voting history of both pro and anti aviation legislators.


MESSAGE BOARD: Central to PIREP's mission, allowing electronic posts to be placed on a wide variety of subjects. If your airport has a situation you'd like to share, here's the place to do it.




PIREP holds tremendous potential to link the nation's aviation interests. Now more than ever, we need to be able to communicate to one another instantly, to share tactics and strategies for the preservation of our national air transportation system.

By drawing from a wealth of information and resources, PIREP affords users the opportunity to unite across borders. And, by posting a PIREP link on your association's web page, you can spread the electronic word, as well as allow PIREP to expand its ever growing database of links.



Remember: We're all in this together.

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