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PIREP's mission is simple: Offer as many connections as possible to as many state and local airport/pilot associations as possible. We are dedicated to "connecting the dots" of aviation groups. Whatever it takes, we want to get pilots talking about the issues that directly affect their airports.


September 11, 2001 unequivocally changed the face of General Aviation forever. The need for unrestricted communication among state and local pilot/airport associations across the country became instantly obvious. PIREP hopes to help facilitate that need.


The Internet has evolved into one of the most powerful tools at a pilot's disposal for defending airports, and it has aided immeasurably in expanding communication and developing an aero-political infrastructure. PIREP will expand with links, updates from state pilot associations, and input from pilots like yourself. We'll be posting articles written by pilots from across the country, and we'll be focusing on making the legislative process something that becomes a tool in your hands..


The complexities of aero-politics are daunting at times, but they can me mastered and managed. PIREP hopes to bring that sense of control to you. We welcome your comments, thoughts, criticism and articles. If you can pass an FAA written exam, you can learn how to defend your airport.


PIREP allows you to read about activities in one state which might have a direct bearing on a similar activity affecting your airport. In doing so, we can unite forces and resources& which by the way, is something the anti-aviation groups across the nation are already (and have been) doing for some time. Check out the ANTI-AVIATION link to see what we mean.


Flying as we knew it will never be the same. The days of letting the "other guy" protect our airports is long gone, for now, we are ALL the other guy. We all need to be talking to one another, and now we can&


So, you pilots living in Maine, check out what's happening in Texas; Florida, read about Washington; Alaska, give Tennessee a look-see. Contact each other and introduce yourselves. There's no telling how much good could come of it, and we hope that plenty does, because now more than ever, we really are all in this together.

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